Keynote speakers

  • Keynote I: Christoph Bode: (LMU Munich, Germany)

Dis-orienting Fictions: Byron and the Deconstruction of Confrontational Selfhood

  • Keynote II: Scott Lyall: (Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland)

Hugh MacDiarmid and Prejudice: Scotland, Creativity, and the Independence Debate

  • Keynote III: James Fergusson: (University of Manitoba, Canada)

Feelings of Disrespect: Canadian Political Attitudes on the Relationship with the United States

  • Keynote IV: Gábor Biczó: (University of Miskolc, Hungary)

Challenge and/or Chance: The Sociocultural Integration of Romani People in Central Europe

  • Keynote V: Alan Riach: (University of Glasgow, Scotland)

Of Foreigners and Friends: Music, Art and Militarism

  • Keynote VI: Nandini Saha: (Jadavpur University, India)

Borders and Boundaries: Dis/respected Neighbors and Imaginary Faultlines